Modifying comparatives

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Levels: B1 and higher (some activities are suitable for pre-intermediate students)
Type of course: General English/Business English; some activities suitable for IELTS students
Length: Depending on what activities you choose – altogether, there’s material for around two 90-minute classes.
Materials: all activities and pictures are  available in a Microsoft Word document (shared under attribution sharealike licence, so feel free to adapt them); you’ll need a projector to project the infographic.

This is a language point that I decided to introduce at all levels I’m teaching this semester: the elementary group studied it at the same time as they studied comparatives (adding a modifier seemed like a very teachable point, and now, two weeks later, they are actually using the modifiers very confidently! I also noticed that at least some of the times they say something like ‘more cheaper’ they actually mean a lot cheaper, so seeing that they’re trying to convey…

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Adverbs Board Game / Mini-Cards

Since I’ve been teaching adverbs a lot recently, I’ve decided to make a board game (which can also be used as mini-cards if you cut it into squares!) to help my students revise what they’ve learned about adverbs.

Adverbs Board Game / Mini-Cards

You can use it as a board game, meaning you need to provide students with dice and counters, OR as mini-cards.

Download the materials here:

There are two versions of the board game – a black&white one and a color version.

I’m a bit excited about it and about the colors I’ve used to make it look fun:). Can’t wait to see what my students think about it!

If you decide to use it in class, let me know how it went!

Happy teaching!

Past Simple revision

I made a short presentation which includes a few activities that can help students revise their knowledge of Past Simple.

You can find my here: Past Simple activities.

Check it out! Do you think you will use it in class? Or if you are a student, do you think you can use it for self-study?

Like & share if you find it useful. 🙂

Rain-related idioms

photo: pixabay

Here’s a short exercise to help learners of English practise rain-related idioms:

Download the worksheet and complete the gaps with the five rain-related idioms suggested. Then take a look at the second page of the worksheet to check your answers. You can also listen to the text being read here: and check your answers while listening:

Download worksheet:

Bonus: Match the idioms to the definitions:

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Taking the first step

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.

— Mark Twain

Hi and welcome to Your Journey to English!😊

My name is Alma and I’m a freelance English teacher mainly working with adult learners.

I’ve created this blog so I can share materials with my students and anyone else interested in improving their English.

I’ll be posting short audio or video files to help you practise your listening skills, but also handouts and printables that will help you with your writing and reading. I encourage you to comment and react to any of my posts and use your English as much and as often as possible. I’ll be doing my best to give you feedback and answer your questions.

Ready for your journey to English?🤓 Let’s go!👣